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Case No. 19-1700V

Date Awarded Vaccine Type Vaccine Injury Amount ($)


Attorney David J. Carney obtained a settlement of $125,000.00 for his client, Christine Murschel, to compensate her for the pain, suffering, and costs she has endured and will likely continue to endure from her SIRVA. In November 2016, Christine received an influenza vaccine in her left shoulder. Soon after the vaccine administration, Christine started developing pain in her left shoulder that was so bad she had to go to Urgent Care. She was given medication and was told to start physical therapy. In an attempt to feel relief, she also underwent two surgical procedures. However, despite all of these efforts, her shoulder pain continues to exist to this day. As a direct result of the vaccine, Christine has endured severe pain and suffering and will likely continue to experience pain and suffering into the indefinite future. Because of the severe pain from SIRVA, she has decreased range of motion in her left shoulder and arm. This is important because Christine has been unable to actively engage in everyday activities, which has impacted her daily life and mental health. Before the vaccine, Christine took pride in being an active parent to her child and in working overtime at her job. Now, her injury forced her to leave her job. Additionally, Christine struggles to carry her child or do any physical activity with her child. She has had to ask her mother to help with taking care of her child, help with homework, and any after school activities. Spending time with her family is one of the most important aspects of her life, and it makes her sad knowing that it will continue to be compromised because of her injury. Through Mr. Carney’s efforts and hard work, he obtained a settlement of $125,000.00 for Christine. The settlement award was given to Christine for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.


1. The above settlement is for informational and demonstrative purposes only. Every single case filed in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has different facts and factors that affect the amount an individual would be entitled to by way of settlement. Filing your case in the NVICP does not guarantee you any of the above settlement values. To have a free consultation about the facts of your specific case and the potential settlement value, click here to contact our licensed vaccine attorney.

2. The above settlement represents a recent settlement award for the vaccine injury listed above. These settlements are not limited to settlements obtained by the attorneys at Green & Schafle, LLC, but rather reflect the settlements that have been awarded by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims across the United States. To have a free consultation about the facts of your specific case and the potential settlement value, click here to contact our licensed vaccine attorney to ask about Green & Schafle LLC's case results and success.

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